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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Pictte

For those of you who have an artistic bent but are yet to be discovered by the great art buyers of the world then this site will probably tick most of your boxes. If you’re an avid sketcher, prefer water colors or even dabble in oils then you can upload your masterpieces and get them critiqued by your peers out there. If your preferred artistic medium is photography there is room for that on Piccte as well. It’s all about points of course and you have to earn them. To kick things off all new members are given sufficient points to enable them to post two pieces of artwork. After that you’ll need to get involved to earn the right to post any more.

There are a number of ways to get involved and each one will affect your" karma" rating. Constructive criticism is encouraged rather than hurling abuse at someone’s childish daubs. Having said that there are a number of highly valued canvases littering the galleries of the world which to the untrained eye are nothing more than childish daubs, but I’m no art critic so we’ll move on!

You can also critique someone else’s critique which will have the effect of boosting (or bombing) their reputation on the site.

The subject matter accepted covers a wide selection although work-in-progress is discouraged. Art of an adult nature is also accepted but should be tagged as such when posting. The guidelines for submission are fairly clear; anything depicting a scene which if done in public would probably lead to your arrest is likely to be of an adult nature. That’s fair enough I think.


It would be nice to think that some serious art critics pop by this one now and again. You never know, the next Picasso could be lurking somewhere within its pages. 


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