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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Easy WebContent

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Easy WebContent is a simple, fast and very effective way of adding great rich interactive content to your website. Its virtually a do -it-yourself system for everyone from interested amateur to hardened professional website designer to add photos, music, video, widgets, maps and all other interactive content to their site to create and engage the viewers of your website and encourage new customers.   Easy WebContent is a web based DIY system that allows everyone to create and maintain rich interactive content online. From professional websites to interactive presentations and demos, this platform helps anyone -even those with little or no design or programming knowledge - to create and maintain engaging experiences for their users through easy yet powerful interactive tools that are web and mobile friendly. Easy WebContent believes there is a big gray area between designers and average people who lack the technical knowledge and learning curve to use professional tools that allow one to design and create a professional marketable presence online. One fundamental problem with most content creation software is that they are either made too basic and lack flexibility or loaded with features which then become too complicated and only fit the needs of a professional. Easy WebContent is changing the software game by bridging this gap through a line of simple yet powerful web based tools so that everyone from designers to the average person can take advantage to more easily create and manage professional content. No other gallery tool allows you to so quickly upload photos and images to your website and manage them with such ease. Effortlessly publish images to your website or blog with the added power to fully customize your design and theme to meet your exact needs. The easy to use online gallery maker makes it incredibly easy to create and populate photo galleries and albums then publish them on the fly. The user-friendly online calendar creator, flash maker and music player make it incredibly easy to create and populate events and play videos and music and publish them on the fly.   Easy WebContent is an easy way of smartening up your 2D website and giving it the 3D experience by adding all the rich interactive content your visitors need. It gives you the power to not only advertise your event of product brand whilst keeping your customers satisfied with interesting interactive rich media that you can personalize and customize with ease. No installation or software downloads are necessary with Easy WebContent -  just sign up and start adding rich content to your site. At around ten bucks a month it could be just the thing your site needs to spice it up and keep your visitors interested.


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