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SynopsiTV is a movie recommendation service which, on the basis of what you watch, manages to recommend the movies and TV shows suitable exactly for you. We can't all be movie buffs, can we? When you've settled on the couch with your popcorn and remote control there's only one thing missing - a great movie or TV series. You could check for reviews of good films but reviewers cant analyze your personal taste, can they? Here is a social, movie and TV application for your Android or iPhone that actually recommends movies to you based on your viewing habits.   So many of us love watching movies but not all of us are great movie buffs who can pull a great film out of a hat like a rabbit. It would be great if we were all great movie aficionados and our photographic memories could remember all those films reviews we've read and made a mental note about. That's where Synopsi.TV comes in handy. This movie recommendation application analyzes your movie and television watching habits and then recommends similar kinds of TV programs and movies to you directly based on the things you watch and like. It also offers the chance to filter them according to your taste and what you feel like watching there and then.  Or you can add their trailers to the playlist and decide which one  is the most suitable for the moment later. It'll save you time logging onto sites like Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB to check out faceless reviews and, as it is based on your own viewing tastes, there's a pretty good chance it will be a film you have interest in.  It even automatically integrates with your VOD systems like Netflix, Amazon VOD or Youtube.   There's nothing worse than settling down for the night and THEN discovering that your night's viewing pleasure is some crappy piece of soap that an anonymous reviewer thinks is a masterpiece and is directed by the new Stanley Kubrick. Your night will be ruined. When you get a recommendation it's easy to check it out and see if it's the right film for the night. Synopsi.TV is on the up. It's about to come to GoogleTV, Playstation, AppleTV and Boxee Box so you can see it's a very highly regarded service.


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