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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: UsualWords

It seems that the jury is still out on Facebook's new Timeline presentation. Most people seem to like the way it draws a line through your life and presents your information in chronological order. UsualWords is a social share application that not only displays and shares your life events but allows others to connect and follow you and react and comment on your trends. And herein lies UsualWords' interesting underlying social experience. By aiming to track all of life's experiences the chance beckons to pass on knowledge and experience to your followers leading to a much more philanthropic take on the social network than most.   UsualWords is an online community where people can preserve and share their life experiences, whether past, present or future,  with their family, friends and the rest of the world and do it in an evolutionary and exciting way. The site's aim is to build a social network that is filled with personal experiences that details a true lifespan of all the important things in your life. From memories to dreams to goals to events - you are free to set down and revisit whenever you wish.  On the one hand it acts like a diary that will delight your family and friends when you share it with them. Imagine how much fun it would be to read it in a year or two to see what you were up to back then. It's other sides though, are more social and possibly of a more philanthropic nature. When others read your stuff and like the way you think they can follow you or the streams you create and can be inspired by your dreams and aspirations leading to a connection on a much deeper level than whether or not you are a Pet Shop Boys fan or not. Your more esoteric trending will lead to people following you who probably think the way you do.   Of course, Facebook let's you do this stuff itself if you are clever enough to work out how to filter some people out. UsualWords is a unique social network that will get really interesting the bigger it gets. The clear categorization of experiences is the thing that sets it apart from other networks. The also is little or no interference to your stream from the network nor are you constantly being bombarded with advertising. It could be a really interesting social networking experience.


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