Dating encounters for the married kind

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Ashley Madison

The moral majority and more prudish out there should look away now because they are not going approve of this dating application for your mobile. And the reason is this. Ashley Madison is one of the biggest dating companies in the world and it specializes in catering to married people who are looking to have a discrete extramarital affair. In fact, since it opened it's doors over ten years ago it has signed up over thirteen million potential clients.   Ashley Madison is a unique dating service catering to married people looking for an extramarital affair and, since 2001, over 13.2 million people have discretely signed up for free makingitone of the biggest of its kind in the world. So why do so many people sign up as opposed to other similar sites? Well, it has a number of features including instant messaging, mail messaging, gifting, winks, sending and receiving photos, member searches, favorites as well as the ability to block people you do not wish to encourage. Instant messaging provides you with an opportunity to communicate with other members that are also online. It's like regular chat but messages are always private between you and the member(s) you are chatting with and you can chat with multiple members simultaneously. email messaging is just like regular email. It's safe, private, easy to use, confidential and can be accessed from any computer that has access to the internet. To send a custom mail message you can just access the member's profile details page, click 'Message me', compose your message and click 'Send'. There is a 5 credit charge to initiate contact and a similar charge when you accept Collect messages. You are able to sort your mailbox to view your priority mail and are sent an email notice advising when your mail has been opened. There is a 5 credit fee to send a priority message. Or maybe you'd like to send a gift with a pre-composed or custom mail message to someone you admire. If you are worried about who sees your photographs you can keep your personal pictures confidential in your Private Showcase. If an admirer wants to see your photos you can send them a 'key 'to view your Private Showcase and let them see more of you. Finally, you can use the advanced search feature and discover who's available online now. Select a location, age, descriptions and photos (where posted) of local adults that meet your specific search criteria.   Ashley Madison has received worldwide notoriety for it's raisin d'être. It does seem to be a little risqué to encourage people to have an affair while married. However, judging by the thirteen million that have signed up, there are plenty of people it who have definitely considered it. AshleyMadison is a nice looking fully functioning dating site that adds something to the usual dating sites. If an affairs something you are considering then Ashley Madison provides a pretty good reason to choose it first.


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