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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Cricketcoach Batting

The noble art of cricket. It's a sport that's played in over one hundred countries including the U.S. and a game than is made up of some of the most subtle skills of all sports. It's not a game, however, where you can just pick up a bat or a ball and be successful. It takes a lot of practice and a lot of coaching. Cricketcoach is a series of three different cricket coaching apps for iOS and Android that delivers quality coaching skills to nurture your cricketing talent. This sporting app, which covers everything from basic skills to advanced techniques, is suitable for beginners as well as experienced players and you can keep your tips in your pocket to pull out whenever you need a bit of guidance.   If you want to learn how to play cricket then the Cricketcoach app will help you. It is packed with cricket coaching tips that help you improve your cricketing skills or to just  learn the fundamentals of the game. Cricket coach has three different apps - the one for improving your batting skills as featured here, one for all aspects of bowling from slow spinners to fast outswingers and one for fielding and wicketkeeping - all of which you can take anywhere to help improve your game. The apps give you everything you need, whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn how to play the game through to experienced cricketers wanting to improve their current game or even to coach others. Cricketcoach was designed and developed by a qualified coach and cricketer along with a team of coaches that aims to help and motivate new and experienced players to make big improvements to their game. Coaches and players find the apps really easy to use and they are also great for families to work together to understand and apply the correct techniques for batting, bowling and fielding. The expert coaching points, sharp videos and analysed pictures will give you many hours of fun and are an exciting new way to learn the game and develop skills. A great investment, the apps are really versatile and apply to any skill level, from beginner to advanced players. The interactive apps put you, the user at the centre of a fun coaching experience encouraging you to compare your technique and correct faults to make you a better player. Packed with photos and bulleted points the apps contain more detail and info than most manuals that you can get on an expensive coaching course. The developers have designed the app so you can easily find what you are looking for and pinch and zoom in on analysed photos and flick your way around. Take the app everywhere and use it whenever you have a spare five minutes or enjoy a fun hour of coaching.   Cricketcoach is one of the better skill based sporting applications that we at the FeedMyApp offices have come across. It probably helps that we have all had our moments with what is called "the noble game" in the past. Here is an app that would be perfect for the smartphone owning youngster and would give them a chance to improve their skills via videos , photos and text whenever they have a spare five minutes. It's also great for the more experienced player to look at their own game and see if that cover drive cold be bettered with improvement to their feet position. Cricketcoach is an excellent, convenient and easy to use app that will help you improve your game - especially if you practice a lot.


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