An addictive game of spiders and berries

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Plingi Juggle

Plingi Juggle is what some people might call an addictive game!!! This is a snappy arcade-style game for iOS and Android that is hard to put down. The idea of this simple but entertaining game is to dart back and forth on a spider's web to prevent a whole bunch of berries falling off a tree - so you've got to be quick and on the ball. Plingi Juggle is one of those games that you can pick up and play in a flash to keep you amused on your phone while you are on the way to work or waiting for your friend to come online. It's fun, it's colorful and it's free.   What do you get when you take out one great aspect of a game and make it the lynchpin of a new game and let it stand on it's own? And what if that game is a arcade tower-defense multitasking nightmare? Well if that's the case you get a fun little arcade time-waster like this one made by Gambet Studios. Plingi Juggle is a fun game that asks the question...where do berries grow and if you are a spider the answer is on a tree! Here s a wild new arcade challenge game where you have to dash backwards and forwards on a spiderweb and then bouncing all the falling berries from their tree. The idea is for you to catch them in your bucker without letting them fall to the ground! This is a game that requires quick reactions because the berries aren't going to wait for you and you can even play it on your browser. It features interactive leaderboards, lightning quick arcade gameplay, responsive controls and vibrant graphics and you can get extra lives instantly via in-app purchase.   As games go, Plingi Juggle is a fun little time waster that will probably keep you amused for quite a while with its addictive gameplay. This app follows on from the successful earlier Plingi game by concentrating on one of the most popular parts of the original game and expanding upon it to make it excellent for 'on-the-go' amusement on your Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It manages to be a mixture of quick reaction time with a fair bit of juggling going on too. It's a dexterous kinda game that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for me. And as I's free, it's colorful and it's fun. What more do you need for those mindless trips to work on the bus?


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