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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: ShadowDrive

Many of the applications that we get to review here at FeedMyApp turn out to be rather inconsequential or are tweaked copies of other apps have have been released.  However, occasionally we come across one that we think is something special and fills a gap in the crowded app market. ShadowDrive is one of those apps. This groundbreaking cloud-based storage and file sharing app is what's known as a social media drive and is a simple and secure way of storing and sharing content with your existing social networking friends.   To say that cloud drives have been rapidly evolving would be nothing short of the truth but, up until this point, there hasn't really been a convenient way of utilizing cloud sharing within your social networks. With that being said, it feels like no one is thinking outside the box and all we see are different ways to access, edit and backup files. Just because a product is more advanced does not always mean that it will add more value to your life. So maybe it is time to define a new roadmap on what a cloud storage service should be. ShadowDrive is a social cloud drive designed to utilize your existing network of friends to deliver and share content. Sharing files with friends is easy and secure as you get to choose what you share and only your friends have access to view those files. You can even opt out of the sharing functionality if you like and use the app purely as a standard online cloud drive. The goal of ShadowDrive is  to create a product that has not yet surfaced in this industry - a social cloud drive. As with any successful product, you need a solid foundation that is defined by your objectives and ShadowDrive's foundation is simple. They built the product around social media platforms and uses your social network's rules to dictate how the product works for you.   As brilliant as Facebook is, there has always been a bit of a problem with sharing files with friends and ShadowDrive takes that concept one step further by integrating itself within your social network. It's an easy to use app that allows you total control over what you share and who you share it with. it has a drag and drop facility and is a unique way to download files straight into your computer or into your application. All in all, it's a brilliant concept that fills a gap in the market very nicely.


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