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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: SutiInvoice

This is just one of the applications developed by Sutisoft and included in a suite of business solution apps, all of which will be reviewed separately. Put them all together and they cover just about every aspect of business management. This one handles the raising of invoices and other issues surrounding that particular activity.

Firstly, when you load up all of your customer’s details you can specify any different payment terms agreed. These details will automatically appear on invoices unless overridden saving the time spent manually entering terms and due date information.

The site has a selection of invoice template designs covering most business functions. You can of course upload your own image to individual invoices or even better upload your logo at the time you open your Suti account. This will then not only appear on all invoices but on other functions throughout the app.

Invoice creation is simple, just pick a customer and add items. Multi-currency and multi-tax issues are handled and a simple click of a button will email the invoice to your customer. Recurring invoices can be created and the system will automatically email these on the date selected. Other automated functions include the sending of reminder emails for overdue accounts.

Paying an invoice couldn’t be made any easier for customers with a variety of online options available including credit card and PayPal. Payments are then matched against outstanding invoices. Manual entry of any other method of payment is of course an option.

Reporting is what you’d expect from an invoice and payment app and includes an aged receivables report and notification of paid and overdue invoices. The status of all invoices and payments can be easily accessed from one dashboard.

A recently added function allows for the raising of estimates and quotes based on the invoice template. Once one of these has been accepted they can be turned into an invoice in an instant giving you a seamless process from start to finish. You can now also give customers access to their own account where they can check documents and print them out if necessary.

Multiple users can be approved and all data can be easily integrated into accounting systems without the need for manual re-entry, a key consideration for businesses looking to cut down on workload rather than duplicate it.

ConclusionWith a good list of functions this looks like a robust enough invoicing app. Check the pricing though of course which differs according to volumes and users.


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