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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: YoolinkPro

It was never going to take long before the world woke up to the fact that a “Facebook” like application could actually have some real uses other than announcing parties, displaying pictures of new kittens and all the other dross that gets posted hourly.

Using similar features but as a work based communications tool is certainly one useful way of harnessing the power of this technology and is one of a number of similar apps that looks to have got it well covered.

As a central directory alone it makes finding the details of colleagues easy. Each user’s contact details are searchable and they have their own personal profile page showing areas of expertise and position in the business. Useful posts can be made on the progress of projects or for company announcements and appear in the newsfeed of users.

The group function is a very handy way of getting project specific people singing off the same hymn sheet and keeping discussions centralized and more focused. Documents and photographs can be uploaded and video links shared which represents a great improvement for any business that previously did this via a string of separate emails and files. The system administrator has sole discretion when it comes to setting up groups so there is a great level of control over who sees what.

RSS feeds make it easy for webmasters to get any relevant content that’s been generated on loaded to the company website or social media sites. Email alerts are sent periodically to users highlighting important stuff and of course this can all be accessed from SmartPhone’s too.

As a corporate social network it has all of the functions necessary to keep everyone up to date and working closely. It should also look and feel fairly familiar to members of staff used to social networks anyway and therefore not seen as some intrusive software introduced by suspicious management. Having said that, management can of course see reports on the level of engagement is generating across the whole business.

ConclusionThis app has some great looking features and as a corporate communication tool is certainly worth a look at. I’m not convinced it will totally be without the odd picture of a kitten though!


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