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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Build-A-Map

I'm in love with Build-A-Map already! This staggering map tool is in beta mode right now but will be a boon to bloggers and travelers the world over when it's in full tilt boogie. Filled with fascinating detail that you can easily add in, Build-A-Map guides you through the map making process when you take your next road ip or holiday with fabulously rich and visually creative interactive maps so everyone else can see what a great time you are having.     Build-A-Map lets you build interactive online maps with minimal effort. With the simple point-and-click user interface you are able to create visually appealing, functionally rich, and interactive maps – no great programming skills are required - you can just build your maps using the intuitive point-and-click technology in a matter of minutes. You can map your own data, or use provided third-party datasources such as Google Places, SimpleGeo Places, Panoramio, and others to enhance your map. Build-A-Map features a wide range of map building tools to create your multilayered masterpieces. All available out of the box and ready for use immediately. It's unique photoshop workshop for creating your maps is detailed but still fairly easy to navigate and understand. When you are finished building, just publish your map to Build-A-Map's servers and then simply use it in your website or application.

ConclusionDid I say I loved Build-A-Map? I think I did, didn't I? If you don't believe how good it is then click on the tour and you will be convinced. There are other sites that will map out your journey in intimate detail showing you where to turn and where to stop but there's nothing quite with the unique detail of Build-A-Map and it's wonderful layered maps that allow you to create a much fuller version of your great American Road Trip. That reminds me, it's about time to dragged out the Mustang again and planned another trip up Highway One.


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