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Any business using Salesforce CRM will have plenty to be thankful for to the guys who built FinancialForce in the same cloud. By linking the processes of the sales, service and accounting departments in 100% real time a whole organization can benefit from a reduction in time spent floundering in the inter-departmental fog.

Although sophisticated enough to be multi-everything including company, currency and culture it’s not too big for its boots to recognize the requirements of the smallest of businesses.

With its 360 degree view of the organisation the whole process from initial order through to customer payment and beyond can be streamlined. Working together, Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce have a positive effect on all aspects of accounting including invoicing, receivables management and cash collection, the result of which will mean a speedier close of the month-end books.

Real time analysis of an organization’s financial position can be viewed on any number of charts and graphs displayed on numerous customizable dashboards. For those looking for a snapshot of the whole shebang an overview dashboard will show just that information with the added ability to drill right down to the finer detail of any single transaction.

With fast implementation and easy use and maintenance, businesses will quickly see the benefits of their different units collaborating, sharing intelligence and striving for the same goals. After all, giving the sales guys access to information that will show them the financial consequences of selling to a dodgy customer is just as useful as showing the accounts team exactly how much effort actually goes into a sale.

ConclusionIt’s difficult to understand why any business using Salesforce CRM would use any other accounting package other than FinancialForce. A complete cloud based system integrating sales, service and accounting and providing efficiencies and a barrier free environment.


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