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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Rolio

Rolio is a social media monitoring application for the person with either a lot of fingers in a lot of social media or someone who is short of time. And, while it is easy to see the point of amalgamating all your favorite feeds into one app if you are a social viewer, Rolio will prove itself to be a very useful set of tools for businesses monitoring their product in real-time over a wide range of websites as well as Facebook and Twitter. 

With the constant growth of the Internet and the sheer number of websites available online, keeping track of the content that most interests us has never been more difficult. Rolio is a free web application that aggregates real-time content from your favorite websites, including Facebook and Twitter, into one powerful visual interface eliminating the need for multiple browser windows. Its simple to choose from thousands of websites worldwide and you can add RSS for anything that isn't covered.. Connection of your social media accounts allows content from your Facebook news feed and Twitter timeline to be seamlessly integrated with content from whichever websites you choose. Rolio promotes a more efficient way of keeping track of the websites that interest you. Put simply, it saves you time and it keeps you fully up to speed through one simple interface. Rolio is great utility for all active web users who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news from a diverse set of websites and is ideal for users who want to track a particular topic using Rolio's grouping feature. The integration of social media content alongside other web content makes Rolio unique. Add to this the customization options available, the categorized library of thousands of websites to select from, the super-fast filtration tools and the real-time updates from all sources, and it will not take long to discover that Rolio is not like other applications.

The more you think about it the better the concept Rolio is. Let's face it, it's hard enough to keep up with Facebook alone and keeping track of all your favorite or relevant media info can turn into a full-time job. Rolio is a very logical and well organized way of giving you all the information you need in the easiest and most convenient way possible. It promotes a more efficient way of keeping track of the websites that interest you and, quite simply, saves you time and keeps you fully up to speed at the click of a button.


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