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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Squidoo

Here’s a writing site that follows similar lines to others in that contributors can earn royalties from a share of the associated advertising revenue. There is a slight difference to Squidoo however in that writers, or lensmasters to give them their proper title, are pretty much encouraged to donate any proceeds to a worthy cause.

There is the option to trouser the cash personally of course but the overall tone of the site’s message would probably make anyone considering that feel a little guilty.

So if you have a cause that you’re passionate about you can create a Squidoo page, or lens to use the site’s parlance, and wax lyrically about it. In fact you can create a lens and write about more or less any subject that currently has your focus as long as it’s not spam. If it is you will be dealt with mercilessly and hip-hip hooray for that!

The site has a number of commerce partners and if your lens happens to recommend something from Amazon, eBay or CaféPress and a reader makes a purchase via a link in your article you also get a cut of the sale.

Although the site is currently closed to new charity accounts the concept is well meaning and should be up and running again sometime in the future. By becoming a charity partner you can build a charity web page, link it to websites and benefit from readers clicking on links and looking at advertisements or buying merchandise.

Any lensmasters not looking at this from the charity angle will need to make it clear at the outset. If not specifically stated any royalties will go straight to charity of Squidoo’s choice. Payments are generally only sent when a $10 account threshold is hit but you can request a lower figure. Worthy causes also benefit if you fail to claim any money due for the period of one year. At this time the site will assume you’ve “gone away” and send it where it will do some good.

ConclusionWith over $500,000 already given to charity the guys behind the site are clearly focused. I think it’s a great way to help worthy causes fill their coffers in these financially worrying times.


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