Supplement your own diet by taking it on the road

Posted on : Mon, 14 Sep App: UControl Weight

Here is a health and fitness app that doesn't come with any weight loss guarantees. It doesn't magically transform you from overweight to lightweight overnight nor is it a mind expanding instant answer to your dieting problems. What it is, though, is a well thought out companion to your weight control program that can give you the same dietary help when you are on-the-go as when you are in the comfort of your own surroundings at home. UControlWeight helps you keep full track of the calorie content of the things that you eat during the day by parking itself on the mobile phone that you kep in your pocket.    UControl Weight could be described as a great leap forward in the art of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Every day we eat food items that are full of calories and often, we don't even realize  it. This is a mobile app that aims to guide you in your day-to-day life by keeping track of your eating habits. Throughout the day you can add the food items that you eat and the app will track your calorie intake. UControl Weight is part of a smarter diet that you can carry with you, wherever you are. It's main features help you to coach yourself towards a healthy diet and lifestyle using an easy, 3-step traffic light system. It also features a built-in chef for great food suggestions. It also has a tool that reminds you of important events and tasks (like remembering when to take supplements or medicine) and is available in several different languages. This dietician approved app is unlike any smart diet that you have tried because it allows you to keep eating your favorite foods whilst educating and motivating you to keep a balanced and healthy diet. Every time you have a meal or a snack you can simply tap the vibrant icons to add it to your daily intake - you can tap multiple times to change the amounts - and manually add any that aren't in the extensive database. This rather smart application can sort breakfast, lunch and dinner into their own categories so that you can see when you eat the most and when you eat less. It includes a smart diet plan and a personal coach - all to help you to lose weight. Each day brings a new, healthy food plan with calorie targets for every meal. The easy yet effective program keeps you eating healthy and leads you through a straightforward, step-by-step plan. If you have participated in any exercise during the day you can tap an icon and your calorie counter will decrease. The 'traffic light' tool guides you through your day. If you are having a healthy day then the traffic light will show green. If you are eating just a bit over the limit it will show yellow or if its an unhealthy day it will show up as red.   UControl Weight helps in counting calories - generally regarded as one of the better methods of keeping your weight down. It automatically tracks the composition of your diet and tells you how to achieve a well-balanced daily. It basically enables you to take your dietary knowledge with you on the road while you are out and about to help maintain a much smarter diet. It's a bit like having a dietary coach with you all the time without the drawback of having someone telling you all day long that you shouldn't be eating that! It helps you have control over your body and contribute to the work of your well-balanced, daily diet.


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