Office punctuality made fun

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: The Late Jar

Hey I’m willing to support anything coming out of Nepal and this little app, whilst being touted as a bit of fun, could have the desired effect on those little tinkers who always creep up to their desks a few minutes after everyone else.

No one likes to be a sneak and so their little indiscretions often go unreported save for a lot of whingeing in the staff room by the good guys.

Well, you can set your very own virtual timekeeper loose on them now and install The Late Jar on your system. With this comes Mr Rajiv who spots when anyone fails to log in on time and relieves them of some virtual cash and stashes it in the late jar. At the end of the week or month the guilty parties divvy up with real money and someone pops out and buys the donuts.

OK so it does all sound like fun and I suppose it could work in one of two ways. It will either make sure people get their act together and get in on time or the novelty factor might kick-in and everyone could start turning up late. Either way you’re going to get a very punctual workforce or a very regular sugary addition to your calorific intake but there are probably a few apps around to help you watch you weight.

Go on, give it a go!

ConclusionI can see it catching on with small businesses where the workforces are a close friendly bunch and why not.


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