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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: iHear Network

You might have seen a review on FeedMyApp recently for a social news narrator called Hubbub for iOS that let's you listen to your social network feeds rather than having to read them. IHearNetwork is the Android equivalent. This news, sport and entertainment application not only let's you hear your Facebook and Twitter feeds but also let's you tap into custom channels to quickly hear all your other news rather than having to read them.   iHear Network is the first social news narrator for Android. It lets you listen to updates from your Facebook and Twitter feeds or use the custom channels to quickly get caught up on the latest sports, tech and entertainment news. It keeps you connected to your social news streams through enhanced text-to-speech technology and iHearNetwork was designed and built for multi-taskers,  for people on-the-go and for everyone else looking to unlock more time in their day. It's basically like a location-based chat service and so far, has attracted over 10,000 downloads. With information overload from tweets, pictures and status updates proving to be one of problems of the smartphone society there had to be a way of alleviating the time consuming and distracting way of viewing them. By having your personalized content read out loud you can get on with the more important things in life whilst still keeping up with all the news. Listen to blogs, stories and news not to mention all the tweets and status updates from your social networks while on-the-go whether you are riding your bike, commuting to work or even visiting the rest room.   iHearNetwork is the first social news narrator for Android with an iPhone version in development. No longer will you have to scroll through and read all the tweets, photos, stories, status updates and news that are constantly served up to you. Pop the headphones in, click to play and you can hear it all while you drive, commute or cross the road. You could even settle down in a comfy chair,  close your eyes and drift off to your news if you like. And one final thing. You can choose to purchase one of the 35 different voices available to read your content but whichever one you choose, this free education and entertainment application for Android keeps you tuned in.


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