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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Penmia

Penmia is a totally secure writing and journal tool for your mobile that let's you capture, share and organize all your precious memories easily and quite beautifully. As George Carlin used to say...it's a place for your stuff. It's an easy to use free application where you can keep lists, jogging schedules, vacation experiences, photos, lyrics and links - in fact, pretty well anything and everything that you want to be reminded of later or share with friends now.   Penmia is a free, secure online journal that allows you to capture, organize, and share your memories like you  never have before. It lets you capture absolutely anything with bank-level security and all your memories and data are always kept safe and secure. Penmia allows you to categorize your memories by tabs and organize memories within those tabs by using the #tagging feature. You can also attach photos to posts as well as links to external sites  whether it be a photo album or the lyrics to a song. Other great features allow you to import and export data and even tweet your memories directly. Users can also customize their Penmia tabs exactly how they want! Whether you post a lot or a little, prefer certain fonts over others or like bright colors instead of dark colors, users can mix and match according to their needs and make each tab customized specifically to the memories they are capturing! Penmia allows you to securely share what memories you want, when you want and with whoever you want - while keeping your other Penmia memories completely private! Penmia's Friends page makes it easy and convenient to manage your shared memories--simply add or remove people as you wish.   I watched a documentary recently about a guy making a film about his recently deceased father and his one overriding comment was that he wished he had recorded more of his memories while they were in his head. Imagine your kids reading this memories diary later in life. They would be thrilled and amazed to find all the family memories to read. Penmia is a free journal app with a clean and user friendly interface that is great fun to use and will be brilliant to read in the future. You can even privatize certain memories and share others with family and friends if you like. So, get organized in your life and jot down those precious memories, pepper them with photos and links to the things you love and share them with whoever you wish.


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