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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: A not so Fading Light

I read a report the other day that suggested that Amazon now do more business in online books than they do in paper copies. We seem to have reached the tipping point for online books and the days of the bookshop looks to be going the same way as the music store. The only thing that has bucked the trend a little bit is the children book. I guess the traditional idea of reading to your kids from a real book is hard to shake but the advent of the very child friendly iPad has changed things forever. A not so Fading Light is a gorgeously illustrated interactive storybook application for iOS about a boy and his sister travelling to save the sun that is great for all of the family.They needed some things….chocolate cake for the journey, their space suits, a rocket ship and something special. This is an adventure about a boy with a boundless imagination who believes anything is possible. Intrigued? Well, read on...   A little boy and his sister sat down for breakfast. The news said the sun would only last another 4.8 billion years.The boy thought this didn't sound like a lot. He looked at his sister.....they had to help. A not so Fading Light is an adventure written by Vince Moran and inspired by his own children. It is about a boy with a boundless imagination who believes anything is possible. On discovering there's a problem with the life span of the sun, he decides he has to do something and, with the help of his resourceful little sister, they travel to the sun to try to fix it. Fading Light is a fun and well-crafted interactive storybook app for iPhone and iPad with a great story. It is ideal for young kids but great for all the family and is packed with illustrations and a voice-over narration by Caitlin Pinner as well as other interactive activities. While Fading Light is delightful family entertainment it also serves a purpose as a learning tool. The bouncing text throughout the narration is there to help your child follow the words as they are read. They can also touch the screen to hear words helping your child learn individual words. There are also lots of touch and tilt features.   Kids don't get fooled very often. As good as iPad is, it still takes a great story to capture a child's attention. A not so Fading Light not only has an inspiring story but the original illustrations and characters are charming and likely to appeal to young kids the world over. It has a target audience of ages 2-7 and is currently free to download at the app store. It also includes a bunch of extras including desktop wallpaper.


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