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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: SquadMail

There are some apps that come along that make you think "why on earth didn't someone think of this before?" SquadMail fits into that category very well. What does it do that is so brilliant, you may ask? Well, as the developers state clearly, it works like Dropbox for your emails. Rather than having to "cc" the relevant parties in your team, SquadMail gives each of your folders it's own label so that all relevant members get access to all the correspondence that goes with it. Simply add or subtract team members to whom the folder has relevance and all the info they need will turn up in their inbox. Each label also receives its own email address so you can link it to your social networks to get any feeds automatically. What's more, the app let's you extract attachments from a Gmail label and save them to Dropbox.
As wonderful as the email concept is, it does have a habit of turning into a bit of a mess - especially when there are multiple users needing access to it. Each email needs to be sorted individually and sent on to the relevant parties. SquadMail changes the way this works by making one folder for each topic or project. This means that all team members get access to all the correspondence from that project. Quite simply, SquadMail is a collaboration and email application that lets you share synchronized Gmail labels (or any other IMAP folder, if it comes to that) with your co-workers. This means that, instead of having to "cc" your entire team when emailing, you can simply assign it a shared label and the email will show up with the correct label in your collaborators' inbox. Should the team change with the addition of a new co-worker you can simply add a new person to a label and they'll receive the entire communication history neatly sorted. If someone leaves the team, you can just delete them from the list and they wont receive anything.  Additionally, each label gets its own email address that receives emails directly into the folder. You could even receive automated notifications from your social networks or newsletters directly leading to a much less cluttered inbox. Finally, SquadMail lets you automatically extract email attachments from a Gmail label and then save them to a specific folder on your Dropbox. This also makes it possible to email files straight into to your Dropbox to make your working life just a little bit sleeker and easier.
SquadMail adds logic and organization to your email account while giving you complete control over your team's shared emails. This "brilliantly genius" idea is easy to use with no downloads or software to worry about and gives your team total access to all the information needed immediately. There is no learning curve and you don't even have to change email clients - the folders just turn up the way a normal email would. Only difference is, they are much better organized. SquadMail actually betters and streamlines the email experience and is perfect for business as well as personal use. Oh, and if you are worried about the security of your mail then you can have no fear. It uses 256bit encryption - which is even better than your regular email service.


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