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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Airport Chatter

Let's face it, airports really don't have a reputation for fun places to go in search of a good time. The only people who enjoy the experience of expensive food, long walks to terminals, high security and jewelry that you don't want are planespotters and small children. Airport Chatter is a new social travel application that gives you the opportunity to discover just what your airport has to offer in terms of amenities, services and shopping and where to find it.   Airports in general are not really people friendly places although I'm sure that the people who design them think they are. I'm sure they are designed using the Gruen theory of confusion. One thing for certain is that you will have to wade through copious amounts of booze sellers, trinket sellers and bad coffee before you find a map to tell you where everything is. Airport Chatter was designed by seasoned travelers sick of having to plod miles through airports to find what interests them and paves the way for a more fun and easy airport experience. It works by integrating a community platform, maps for enhanced airport navigation and service discovery all tied together with powerful ratings and reviews. Version 1.0 profiles 52 of the busiest airports in the US along with over 6000 individual offerings including all their shops, eateries, lounges and services.   It's crazy really - millions of people the world over travel through both large and small airports every day yet they are still some of the most confusing and complicated to navigate and find your way around unless all you are looking for is departure gate 24. The idea behind this free travel app is to make the airport smaller and less daunting. It will show you where all the shops, rest rooms (vitally important when we are required to be at the airport well before departure time,) terminals and other amenities are,  based on general information and the input of travelers like yourselves. Airport Chatter is an essential piece of free information that every traveler should consider to make the most out of the airport experience - such as it is. Now, where is that smoking booth...?


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