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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Bizimply

I asked a retail owner friend of mine the other day how long she spent on 'paperwork' in her three salons and she reckoned it was close-on a day a week. She told me that she would have to laboriously plough through Excel spreadsheets and various notepads for hours every week diligently copying the nightly information from store to head office. I was telling her then that, with the right apps, she could run her entire business from her smartphone and cut her 'paperwork' time in half. Bizimply is the perfect app to illustrate that. It provides an online platform to manage your daily business life and includes shift scheduling, human resources, reports, storage and time tracking at a cost effective price and with the added bonus of being on your smartphone.   If I told you that you could run your business for less than it costs to buy your staff a coffee everyday you would probably jump at it. Bizimply provides an online software platform, package and solution to manage all your daily business life and processes and is ideal for the day-to-day operations of the retail and restaurant industry. For about €3 (US$4 / £2.50) per employee per day, Bizimply delivers shift scheduling, issue tracking, HR, HRMS, metric reporting, document storage, time clocks and time and attendance that works just as well for both single and multi store operations.  Create custom folders for each of the stores so that everyone can use and share files across stores instantly. Schedule staff rosters quickly and compare the scheduled hours with your shift targets as you create them. Staff can decide themselves who is available to take a shift and accept the shift on their mobile. Rosters can be emailed to the relevant parties and your staff can easily check in from their mobile device. Employees can simply 'clock-in' and their shift time is confirmed and details sent automatically to payroll. The system is flexible enough to create custom shifts for staff who are working unusual hours - until close or on holidays - with each department having a separate schedule that can be updated and changed when needed.    Bizimply is the perfect opportunity for retail stores and restaurants to throw away the spreadsheets and move their daily business management into the 21st Century - whether they have one store or 100. It simplifies and organizes all your day-to-day business, from assigning staff shifts and time tracking to analyzing results - and turns scheduling into a breeze. Shift times are sent automatically - making you payroll ready  - and shift diaries are always correct and up-to-date. Bizimply is a very user-friendly app that helps your employees all stay on the same page while allowing you to stay up to date whether you are in the office or on your mobile.


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