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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Chargify

Don’t waste time and money building a customized billing application for your Web 2.0 or SaaS company when there’s already an app that can take care of everything connected with one-off and recurring payments.

Signing up to Chargify takes only a few minutes and their easy-to-use interface will quickly get you collecting subscription revenue and it can handle free trial periods, discounts and promotions as well.

For the less techy out there the quickest and simplest way to integrate Chargify into your website is to link it to a custom branded payment page which allows your customers to sign up for subscription plans simply by linking to it.

The standard plan allows you to bill up to 10,000 customers with Chargify acting as an intermediary between your website and payment gateway. One of their big boasts is that they support multiple payment gateways unlike some providers in the space. This set up lets you create subscription plans and integrate them into the signup process on your website which in turn initiates a transaction for the correct amount.

Chargify can also take away the headache of charge failures where card payments can be rejected for any number of reasons. The dunning management tool lets you send customized notifications to clients covering each and every event. If you’d rather monitor and handle this yourself you can switch the function off however it then becomes your responsibility to email customers and request updated card details.

Worries about the security of your billing data can be softened by the fact that Chargify is level 1 PCI compliant and only works with highly trusted payment gateways where all customer credit card information is stored. None of these details are stored within Chargify itself.

As well as providing all aspects of subscription billing the app can also help you analyzethe resulting data in respect of sign-up, cancellation and revenue trends. All in all the system handles the fine detail for you and then helps you make sense of the statistics.

ConclusionA useful app that removes the hassle related to vast numbers of recurring credit card payments. Not only does it bill your customers it handles payment failures and updates customer details as well.


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