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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: SutiTalk

This addition to the Sutisoft stable of business apps is as the name suggests all about talking to each other. And whilst it could be used for all manner of two-way discussion purposes its most obvious use is as a customer support helpdesk.

The thing that annoys customers most apart from a perceived lack of interest in their problem is an easily traceable correspondence trail that tracks the issue from when it begins to when it’s resolved.

Users signing up to add this app as a helpdesk function will create a portal where their customers can log in with a password and land on their own dashboard. From here they can correspond on all manner of topics including singing the praises of the company however for this review we’ll assume they have a problem.

Creating a helpdesk ticket is easy and just requires a click on the relevant button. This brings up a dialogue box and automatically assigns a ticket number. Once the nature of the problem has been described an email is sent to the relevant representative alerting him to the fact that there is an issue and by clicking on it can he/she see the detail. Customers also have the option of adding an emotion indicator to their note in the shape of a face. Those manning the helpdesk can then gauge the customers mood as the range of expressions on the faces goes from smiley to rather angry!

Subsequent discussions are logged and the whole sequence of events creates an audit trail all the way up to a satisfactory resolution.

The site does suggest that this can be used for inter-company communication and also for general updates between a company representative and a prospect. This may be the case however standard email will do that job just as well. On top of that any staff wishing to have an electronic chat with a colleague on another floor would probably rather use another method than a company sponsored platform.

ConclusionAs a helpdesk tool I can see its merits but I’m not sure all the bells and whistles will be required by a lot of businesses.

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