Classy 3D closet design using just your fingers and your iPad

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Sketch Arm - 3D Closet Designer

Closets are making a big comeback - mark my words. The fact is, we've all got too much stuff these days and we need somewhere to put it. Preferably somewhere that doesn't look as if it was thrown up as an afterthought. Whether you are designing a closet for yourself at home, or if it is in a work environment, SketchArm is a wonderfully unique conceptual design application that lets you design fully customizable closets in minutes, using nothing but your fingers and your trusty iPad.   Sketch Arm is the only application available for conceptual design in 3D that lets you create in a few minutes, using only your own fingers, a fully customized closet. Its simple to make a completed amazing design in just four simple steps and then share it with your friends. First, you can create a basic sketch of the room within the app or just draw the wall where the closet will be placed. Once you have drawn the room just select a wall and create a new empty closet. Then, distribute the space inside the closet with your finger by creating several shelves or vertical partitions easily. Complete the interior design incorporating accesories within the different storage spaces and finally create and customize the closet doors combining several panels with various cool colors and materials. Finally, take a look at the resulting design in 3D and interact with it. You can zoom, move and rotate the closet using different multitouch gestures. It doesn't matter if you're a hobbyist or a professional, you only have to know how to use your fingers. Do you want to become a pro Sketch Arm designer? The app provides an illustrated basic user guide as well asl several sample projects and screencasts demonstrating many advanced tips and tricks.   With over ten thousand people already hanging downloaded it's pretty obvious that SketchArm is a class act and is an app that fills a hole in the market. It's a beautiful looking and surprisingly easy app to use considering the complexities of some of the features it includes. You can work out the size and shape, experiment with colors and different spaces within spaces and make your closet a truly bespoke object for your home. They say that the building industry is on the way up again after the dreadful effects of the GFC and, when that gets well underway, there will also be a resurgence in home renovation so this excellent closet design app will be lapped up by both amateurs and professionals. I can think of at least one talented designer who will certainly lap it up.


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