Easy to install music player for your blog

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Tumblr Player

TumblrPlayer is a free music player and web design application that allows you to insert a player onto your blog so that all your friends can listen to your favorite music while they read your fascinating diatribes.  This simple to use music app is a very elegant addition in the music player marketplace and gives you the freedom to create your music playlists from either your own music library, YouTube, Tumblr or your Blogger account.   TumblrPlayer is a free music, blog and web design application that allows you to use the wizard on the website to generate the code for a music player to be easily inserted (it's easy just to paste it in) into the template of your blog. When your site visitor views your site they will then be able to listen to the list of songs you have chosen either from your own music library, YouTube. Tumblr or your Blogger account. Turn the music on and you can still continue listening to the music while you browse to other pages of your blog The other great thing about TumblrPlayer is that it shouts loudly that it will be free forever meaning that your music playlists will always be there and always remain free. It'll turn your blog into an elegant and more professional looking affair and let your friends know which songs you like at the moment.   I wont go into the amount of music player applications there are available as there are a ridiculous amount. We've recently reviewed similar ones like FuniPlayer, Redolf Music and MoreChoonz. Most offer something that the others dont. This one happens to offer you a service where you can easily put a music player on your blog or site without having to jump through too many hoops to get there. TumblrPlayer's main claims to fame appear to be the fact the it is free forever, it is easy to use, it looks good (so your friends won't rib you about it's uncoolness) and you can draw your music from your own library as well as YouTube (very useful,) Tumblr and Blogger. Definitely worth a look and a listen.


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