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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: themciver

No, no, no, it's not the website of the infamous American tv secret agent whom Marge Simpson tends to drool over...that's MacGyver. This Mciver is TheMcIver, an accounting and finance application that is aimed squarely at saving the user time and money by simplifying problems. It does this to solve some of your most time consuming business problems simply yet effectively by sifting through available data to find the answers.   With over 25 years of experience in the business world, the developers of TheMcIver understand the need for companies to create efficiency and reliable and intuitive tools to enhance productivity across all functions of their business in today’s economic environment. TheMcIver serves the market of people and businesses that require a tool that will compliment existing technology and processes and seamlessly integrate between the most commonly used software in today’s businesses. Business technology should be easy to maintain and roll out to the end users, provide a quick return on investment and increase productivity of the workforce. This accounting and finance app develops business solutions that involve identifying every-day needs in business and creating innovative and intuitive solutions for these needs and, at less than a dollar a day, provides quantifiable time and money savings. Processes that may have been a two-hour process in the past now take just a few minutes with the Compare and TheMcIver tools.  With new advances in technology, computers now have the power to process and extract information from very large amounts of data and the patent pending algorithms here takes full advantage of computer capabilities. “The McIver” tool is an innovative solution that helps users quickly sift through data to solve problems.   Well it's a funny name for an accounting and finance application but it is pretty much as ruthlessly efficient as MacGyver the special agent. It works in three simple steps. Just upload multiple files into The McIver for processing and select two to compare against each other. Then use either the Compare tool or The McIver tool to solve problems and simply export the results - it's as simple as that. What used to take ages checking between two files manually is done in minutes. At less than a dollar a day it could be exactly what you are looking for in terms of accounting problem solving.


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