Keep a close eye on your kids' and employees' phone habits

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker is a bit like having a well organized safety net for your smartphone and manages to deliver somewhat more than it first appears. And while its name suggests that this tracking application is purely around to track the location of your Android phone there are plenty of other really useful features that come with it. It puts a private detective in your phone to intuitively track GPS location and has the potential to keep an eye on your kids by checking phone and SMS details, Internet history as well as giving you a phone and email contact book.   Phone-Tracker is a handy scurity application specifically designed to be stealthy on the Android smart phones. It is an easy way to track GPS location including recently traveled paths that may have been taken, safety maps for you and your loved ones to ensure their safety as well as a phone book and email contacts. Locate any GPS enabled phone from within the app whether it be your child's or an employee's phone and know where they are at any time of the day or night. However, what could interest many parents more than anything else is its ability to check call details, web browsing history and SMS details. Why waste hours reading all the SMS messages on your child's phone when Phone Tracker finds the bad words or messages for you via its 'hot words' feature.You can simply define your hot words in your own slang and the app filters out the messages with those words only. Check your children's SMS and Emails for harmful messages and monitor texts in their phone and help to keep away bad people away. Contacts, whether they are phone numbers or email addresses, are hard to recover once lost so its good to keep a copy of your contacts here on Phone-Tracker and its equally useful to keep aware of your child's contacts. And if you really want to delve deep into your child's interests you can keep a track of the music and videos they are listening to or watching. Finally, use the web browsing history and the phone call log to check what they are looking at on the net and who they are calling.   Well it may be a little heavy handed but, with so much talk of online bullying these days, there is no doubt there will be a whole bunch of you out there that will treasure an app like Phone Tracker to keep an eye on your child's contacts. But for many of us will gobble up this tracker purely for its ability to find the damned phone when you've lost it. But even if you are checking where your kids are or ascertaining that your 'on the road' employees are actually on the road rather than sitting in that speakeasy called Meat that they keep talking about. It's easy to use and there is a free version too.


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