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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: SimpleRetro

It's always so exciting when you find a bunch of photos from your past that you'd forgotten all about. They have a different quality to them don't they? Much as i love the ease and simplicity of digital photography there is something about an SLR and the paper print that makes them look great and memorable. I don't know about you but I often fiddle about with the sepia tinting to experiment with new shots but you never really get that distinct faded and aged look. SimpleRetro is a photo design tool that transformers your photos into retro looking masterpieces with a vintage look to them.   SimpleRetro is great and easy to use free tool to transform your photos into  awesome memories with retro vintage effects that you can instantly share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Imagine the look on your parents faces when you present them with a series of photos of their grandchildren that remind them of the ones they took of you are your siblings. They will be ecstatic. Or maybe you want to create a unique christmas or birthday card  with some great retro effects. Then you can just insert it into your card and print it off or post it on your social networking site. SimpleRetro has many different filters and effects you can use to make your photo become an awesome retro picture. Just upload a picture or even just take one with your webcam to get started.

ConclusionSimpleRetro is a cool little free design tool that will definitely come in useful if you want to do some interesting vintage effects on your modern photographs. If you are sick of the hipstamatic look that seems to be the only new look on your friends' newest photos this photo app is guaranteed to give your photos a different look. With lots of different vintage styles and filters to play with and it's simplicity of use it's got to be worth looking at.


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