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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: HealPay

For businesses just looking for some assistance with the invoice and credit control functions rather than an application with lots of bells and whistles then could provide the answer.

A simple invoicing and payment collection site, makes it easy to upload existing customers from other applications like QuickBooks and LessAccounting and then quickly start producing professional looking invoices. These can be printed and sent snail mail, delivered via email or downloaded as a PDF document. The invoice page also has an activity log showing the status of it from sent to queried to paid.

Invoices can include settlement discounts to encourage faster customer payments and a very handy feature allows for payment plans to be set up and monitored for those customers who need a little flexibility and time to pay.

The system accepts payment via PayPal and other gateways and credit cards can be accepted on an own branded company payment portal page and automatic notifications are flagged when payments are received.

The system generates useful reports which can track collection activity and monitor the cycle of accounts receivable in real time. The dashboard gives clear figures of amounts invoiced and payments collected whilst a series of pie charts breaks down the data into categories like paid, disputed or in the worst case delinquent.

All in all this looks like the perfect site for a small business looking to beef up the invoicing process and create a more professional image. Equally it would be very useful for a business that could do with employing a credit controller but can’t quite justify the cost.

ConclusionA good hassle free start on the path to accurate invoicing and smarter collection activity.


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