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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Plan Cruncher

OK so you have the business plan for your start-up looking great and containing all the fine detail any investor could want to read. It’s now time to start pitching for some financial support.

It’s an annoying but real conundrum, business angels and other potential investors get heaps of business plans to look at so what makes one stand out for immediate attention? Well a clear and concise one page summary would help and has the tools to help you create just that.

With a simple to complete process the site takes you through the most important points of a business plan and allows you to allocate recognisable icons to go alongside the various headings. Once you have chosen the appropriate icons you then have 140 characters to compete a brief description.

Once complete the simple one page document contains all of the salient points an investor will be keen to know before he takes the decision to read the full version. Each paragraph is headed with the chosen icons followed by the brief notes. Examples of icon types include the nuclear sign for a risky venture and a light bulb for a new idea. They stand out and provide a good indication of what’s to follow.

For anyone looking to get a start-up off the ground this is a great way to summarize your plans. Just as long as you have the genuine full page version to back it up. For investors it should identify very quickly if the venture on the table is a possible match for your investment strategy and appetite.

ConclusionThis can only help a new business keen to get their business plan read by as many people as possible.


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