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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: piZap

There's little I love more than a good photo effects tool. piZap is a free online photo effects editor that enables you to manipulate your photo collection. You can add funny pictures and effects, text and paint before saving it as a web ready JPG to your website or computer.   PiZap was created as a tool primarily for social networking users who want to post their images to their social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, Orkut, Bebo, miGente, Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, Tagged, and many more. It's easy to create wild and wonderful images and photo stickers with piZap with just one click. You can add speech bubbles, colorful stickers, a painting program and your own text. PiZap also has built in tools for sending e-cards, downloading your image, embedding your image in any website, or sharing the link directly to your image. Finally, piZap  joined together with Zazzle to provide you with the ability to add your own image to the 1,000’s of customizable products out there in cyber land.  

ConclusionpiZap was designed as somewhere for creative people to have fun too. If you are of the Apple Mac variety you'll probably be aware that to buy Photoshop is vastly expensive so any photo editing tools are much appreciated. Even more so when they are free like this one. There's some cool ideas in piZap including the ability to cartoonist themselves. While it's not a state of the art masterpiece piZap is lots of fun.

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