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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: redolf music

There are squillions of online music services available as free applications which are easy to use. Redolf Music is just one of them. The difference with this one though, is that Redolf has none of the overcomplicated bits and pieces that often come with music apps. With Redolf it's just a case of typing in the search box and choosing your song title. Then you can save it in a playlist and have it available later or whenever you want to play it again.

Redolf is a simple online streaming music player like Muziic, Riptune and Quisple with a very simple playlist support. You can search and play songs, add songs and create playlists as well as being able to share a song or the entire playlist with friends. When you use this music, video and radio player you will find a simple search box. Type the name of an artist or band or a song title into the box. A list of choices will crop up for you to choose from. Then there's the other box. This one contains your playlists. That's where you'll find them all when next you use it. The main success of Redolf is its pure simplicity with no advertising or other distractions. No links to celebrity sites. Nothing like that.  You dont even  have to create an account to listen to your songs and, whats more, it's completely free.   Judging from comments from users the thing that interests them most about Redolf music is the simplicity of it's workings and ease of use. While many music player apps have heaps more features but, to be quite honest, it's rare that I use many of them. Basically, if you simply want to listen to a song, do you really want to know who the lead singer of the band is dating? Generally not, I'd say - well unless it was Susan Boyle, maybe. Redolf is a music app that's all about the music. Enjoy it.

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