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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Rock The Post

I’ve seen some of the elements available here before but usually on separate sites. This one brings them all together so that people with great ideas can find the partners they need to bring those ideas to fruition. The middle-man is normally a much derided figure in all aspects of business and this site aims to cut him out of the equation altogether (loud cheers!) and act as the bridge that brings the different parts together on a business social network platform.

I really like the different sides to this one. You could be a startup looking for a keen investor or you could just need some expert professional input but not have the funds to pay for it. Either way, somewhere within the network, Rock the Post will have a match for your requirement who is willing to swap either cash or time and knowledge for equity, stock options or a share of the income.

People with ideas also have the option to set up a pledge account where funds can be sourced on a kind of crowdfunding basis. The great thing is that once again it doesn’t have to be money that’s pledged and in this respect it’s a good place for non-profits to pitch for help.

People can pledge time for any number of causes and they can also pledge resources such as food for a drop-in center or refuge. The video presentations on the site are very well done and really get the range of possibilities across clearly so are worth looking at.

From an access standpoint anyone can view pledge requests however if you’re an entrepreneur and want to look at the investment opportunities posted you’ll need to register and be verified as bona fide which is fair play I think.

As a member of the network you’ll also get the benefit of forums covering various topics making this a really useful one-stop shop for people with great ideas and people with the time and money and expertise to get together.

ConclusionAs far as business networking sites go this one doesn’t just create useful networks but provides the platform for real collaboration. In that respect there’s something for everyone on it.


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