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Posted on : Mon, 14 Sep App: PitchBIG

Sometimes the hardest part of getting funding for your project or business is literally the finding of the potential investors. PitchBIG is a finance tool that puts the budding entrepreneur into the same room as the moneyed-up investor. By establishing an exclusive networking system you can take your business plan or pet project and place it on the desk right in front of your possible backers. And you can do it all  for free.   PitchBIG is an exclusive networking system that provides entrepreneurs with the ability to connect with investors. As an entrepreneur, raising capital to establish or further grow your business is often challenging. Iinvestors often find that it is just as difficult to discover innovative businesses to invest in. PitchBIG simplifies both the entrepreneur’s and the investor’s exhausting process of finding, researching and connecting with each other. Once you sign up and login you are presented with your profile. Please be sure to completely fill in all of your information to be well positioned within the entrepreneur and investor community. Both entrepreneurs and investors can make company profiles to market their businesses. You will have the ability to find, research and connect with individuals directly.

ConclusionInteraction and exposure in the startup world has never been so simple and effective. PitchBIG has been designed to make entrepreneurs and investors more successful. By encouraging investors and entrepreneurs into the same room for a bit of cross fertilization is good with me. The interaction also gives the entrepreneur the chance to see what the investor is looking for in an investment. It might be different from his own vision and it gives him the chance to redirect his energies. PitchBIG is a great addition to the finance tool arsenal for the entrepreneur and the investor out there.


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