Play cops and robbers on the streets of Melbourne

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Underbelly Skirmish

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It's a little know fact for those living outside Australia that the lucky country also had its unsavoury underworld characters akin to the Mafia at various points of the twentieth century. Melbourne had its fair share of violent mob wars and that is the basis for this surprisingly fun and rather addictive game made in conjunction with the TV series that exploded onto our screens over the last few years. IUnderbelly Skirmish is a multi-platform, lane-based strategy game for iOS and Android where you can choose to be either the cops or the robbers and select your team to either uphold the law or flaunt it.   Underbelly Skirmish involves grimy lane-based strategy set in the murky depths of the Australian underworld. You can choose to be the boss of the Rough Company or the Commander of a Special Task Force - think of it as a cop or a robber - to conquer the city or defend it or to change history or choose to repeat it. Players can engage in a full campaign that involves twenty levels or the quick play option for those that want to jump in and battle. Then you can deploy special items and powers by combining units in new ways to achieve your goals. Select your team, buy weapons, earn money and protect your turf and battle in the streets, meth labs and strip clubs as you strive for control of the city. Based on the real criminal underworld of Melbourne, this game is good for both casual gamers and strategy fans.   Considering it is built on such violent events, Underbelly Skirmish turns out to be quite a fun game to play whether you are looking for a quick fix to your gaming addiction or planning on a lengthier strategic campaign.  I particularly liked the fact that by putting smaller teams together to work in unison you could try to defeat the big boys. Whilst not based on the actual people involved in the Melbourne skirmishes it still manages to be reasonably realistic. The gameplay is easy and it looks great whether you are playing it on your iPhone or iPad with its HD graphics for Retina Display


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