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There so much talk about online security breaches these days. You'd think your Hotmail was secure but apparently not. If you really want to send important documents to other people electronically then you need to find a more secure way of doing it. Wiredoc is an electronic and secure sharing tool guaranteed to give you peace of mind when sending sensitive documents like your passport details to your travel agent or your taxation forms to your accountant.   So how does Wiredoc work? All you have to do is to enter the document owner's email address which sends an email request. You send an encrypted document which is then downloaded by Wiredoc and a security question asked which then decrypts the document into the browser. There is no storage of the document so there is no chance of a security breach. Without your security question being answered not even Wiredoc can open your document. It's a pretty simple process and in addition you also get simple document tracking and storage space for your sensitive documents in the cloud — all stored with utmost security. While not free, Wiredoc sits favourably with it's alternatives. Email is free but not secure, courier services are way more expensive. Wirecom's basic service of up to 5 transactions per month is free.  

ConclusionMost of us are more than happy to use Hotmail and suchlike to send their emails. However there are definitely times when a more secure service is needed and it's usually a pain trying to organize it cheaply. So it makes total sense to have Wiredoc in your arsenal for those important documents. It's pretty easy to use (and they are trying to make it even less complicated in the future, I'm told) and, given the basic version is free, it would be silly not to take advantage of Wiredoc.


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