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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Vis.A.Vis Fashion Magazine

How much do you think you spend on fashion magazines every month to find out the latest fashion trends the world over? It would be pretty easy to shell out fifty bucks without hunting too hard,  I reckon. Well, here's a fashion and beauty application for iPad and iPhone  that delivers up to the date fashion trends, beautiful photography and great fashion tips and it will cost you absolutely zilch...nada...nothing...not one cent.   Vis. A. Vis. Fashion Magazine is an upscale 100% free fashion magazine that captures the changing face of America and the world. It explores how global trends drive fashion, impact popular culture and shape the lifestyles of consumers. Vis. A. Vis. celebrates global style and culture and embodies the wonderful cultural fusion which defines our time. It appeals to those seeking a fresh, international perspective on fashion, beauty, travel, cuisine, music, literature and the arts. Some of the comments about the application from satisfied readers have included "consistently elegant," "embodies the wonderful cultural fusion which defines our time" and "very informative and visually stunning."    Vis.A.Vis is a gorgeous looking fashion and beauty application with great photos and excellent articles guaranteed to keep you up to date on all the fashion trends as well as travel, food, music, literature and the arts. In fact, everything that an expensive glossy fashion magazine will give you yet Vis.A.Vis is completely free. Just one click on your iDevice and you will be transported to the world of fashion and glamor. Not necessarily an app that the regular truckie will have on top of their iPhone apps but there are many girlie types out there that will lap it up.


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