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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: MayorVille

Don't you love those westerns where the guy walks into town and announces that there's a new sheriff in town? It brings out the Machiavellian spirit in the best of us. MayorVille is a revolutionary free social networking game site with a difference. It allows users in particular cities to connect and share in a Facebook kinda way while, all the time, building their community.   MayorVille is a new revolution in social networking  based on cities instead of the individual, it allows users to connect and share while building and offering low cost advertising to their cities’communities. With a database of over 80,000 cities worldwide to choose from there's a pretty good chance your city will be there somewhere. MayorVille also offers the chance to become (virtual) Mayor of any city across the globe and earn virtual and real money from local advertisers in their city. The real money comes from the great advertising opportunities for local businesses, enabling them to reach their target market at a low cost. Users are able to upload news stories, photos and videos, and can also recommend restaurants, nightlife and attractions to other citizens.

ConclusionMayorVille is truly a unique and brilliantly thought out idea. Is it a game? Is it a social networking site? Is it a low cost community advertising site? Well in reality it's a bit of all three. The God Complex really comes out as you take over the Mayorship of a particular town while you connect with friends in your community while providing cheap advertising for local businesses. It covers all three quite nicely. Basically, MayorVille is a fun and easy social networking game that brings out the capitalist in us all.


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