Upgrade from a selfie to a Selphee with added video

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Selphee, Yippie Ka Yee!

The word Selfie was named 'word of the year' by the Oxford Dictionaries recently - it didn't go down very well with a lot of people. The words that it was in contention with at the end were "binge-watch, " "twerk" and "showrooming" - none of which set the world on fire...well, maybe twerking is pretty cool (isn't it Miley?) Funnily enough, the word selfie was apparently first coined by a student in Australia who labelled his photo with that name after he'd fallen over, split his lip and posted a picture of his faceonline. So what's that got to do with this iOS app you might ask - except for the similar name? Well, Selphee, Yippie Ka Yee! Is a new form of selfie photo that uses both photo and video to get your profile out there.
Selphee is a new social photo and video share application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that lets you take your 'selfie' and combine it with a specially created short video to give your profile the Selphee look. First, you can take a selfie picture of yourself as you normally would. The app then uses its star power to help with the creation of a short video to augment your greeting. Once complete, the Selphee app combines both the photo and the video into one single file. Every Selphee that you create can be saved onto your camera roll and shared with your favorite social media site, on Whatsapp or via SMS and e-mail. When the recipient of the Selphee receives your message they will be stunned. Unlike regular selfies, this one will suddenly changes from just a regular, boring selfie photo into a full-blown, unique Selphee video.
Oxford Dictionaries' definition of the word 'selfie' describes it as "a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website." Selphee, Yippie Ka Yee, takes it one step further by putting together your photograph with your specially created video. It's incredibly easy to use and looks handsome enough on your iDevice. You can sign in through either Twitter of Facebook and share your Selphees through your social networks or just about any other way you like. Rather than putting out a rather boring selfie this year, upgrade to a Selphee and surprise and amaze your friends. Just don't ask me to explain what the Yippie Ka Yee bit means.


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