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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Threadir

If you are a regular Twitter user you'll know how difficult it is to actually follow and make a meaningful conversation sometimes. There is such a plethora of comments coming from everyone around the world that it would be nice to be able to isolate your friends and concentration them alone. Threadir  is a Twitter tool that helps you keep track  of your friends' conversations so you can actually have what seems like a one to one discourse.     Twitter is an incredibly rich source of conversation material  but few clients can actually manage conversations well.  If you use Twitter you’re often encouraged to “Join in the conversation.” This can be difficult at times using tweets alone. Sometimes you have a lot to say and sometimes a group of people want to say things to each other. Keeping track of everybody’s comments is difficult with most Twitter clients. And, lets face it, so many of the comments that people make on Twitter are just badly spelled drivel. This is why Threadir (pronounced Threader) was designed - to help you have fun and have productive discussions with your Twitter network. Threadir is incredibly easy to use. If you have a Twitter account you're already set up. Just click the "Sign in with Twitter" button and authorize Threadir as an app. Click the "Start a thread" link and then say whatever's on your mind. If you request it you can even get Threadir to post a link to the thread to your Twitter feed. After you create the thread your friends from Twitter will see the new thread and can jump in and start commenting.

ConclusionWell it's certainly true that Twitter is a minefield of comments and information that comes from all around the world. But sometimes you just want to be able to see and reply to your network of friends and not have to wade through everybody else to see the ones you are looking for. Threadir isolates your friends comments from the rest enabling you to have a simple conversation that's easier to keep track of. This free Twitter tool manages to cut out all the superfluous comments from others and let's you concentrate on the people who mean most to you.


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