Create online Facebook apps for free and compete with the big boys

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: ShortStack

If your business wants to stay one step ahead of the pack it's not just a question of advertising your business online and hoping for the best. The huge advertising and marketing potential of Facebook provides one way of promotion that can't be ignored. And, with millions of potential customers just sitting at their computer or on their mobiles and tablets every day, it might be the time to do as the big boys do and start a custom made app. ShortStack is a great set of business tools that lets you further your online presence with contests, sweepstakes and promotions that is backed up by an extensive library of support material. And, what's more, ShortStack is totally free for small business that carry less than 2000 Facebook fans.   ShortStack is a software company that helps small-business owners, as well as big-name agencies, create custom apps for Facebook, websites and mobile web browsing. It gives you everything you need to create eye-catching contests and sweepstakes, newsletter signup forms and seamlessly integrates with all the most popular social networks including Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. This is possible through a self-service platform that consists of more than 40 tools, 70+ templates and an extensive library of support documents, videos and references as well as an email support system. ShortStack was founded in late 2010 and became so successful with nearly 200,000 users signing up during its first two years. It is now the platform of choice for some of the biggest brands and celebrities on Facebook including NBC News,, AMD, and Pitbull. The ShortStack platform is subscription based but small businesses will be pleased to know that there is a free plan for users with 2,000 Facebook fans or fewer with paid plans starting at US$30 per month. In addition to the platform, ShortStack has made a name for itself in the content marketing world and frequently contributes to well-known social media blogs and websites as well as the company’s social media blog - Socially Stacked. This blog features content about social media best practices, tips, news and free resources for small businesses, agencies and Facebook Page owners.   ShortStack basically allows a small business to gain the same advantages as bigger organizations and gives them a chance to increase their online presence in the way of this feature rich, app creation platform. It allows businesses of all sizes the chance to make the most of your Facebook Business Page by letting you create contests, polls and competitions to keep your customers occupied engaged and interacting. Regular readers of FeedMyApp will know that we've said many times that it's a golden age for the entrepreneurial small business and you can pretty well run your whole business using free apps if you are prepared to keep your eyes and app ears open. ShortStack Is yet another of those fine apps that allows the small guys to compete with their big brothers.


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