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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: twoppy

When it's entertainment you are putting together it always helps if there's someone with a little entrepreneurial nous to ensure that things run smoothly and all facets of your event are looked after. There needs to be information for all sides of the program to be catered for and that means your visitors, your sponsors, your performers and not forgetting you guys...the organizers. twoppy is a free online  event design mobile tool that will cater to everybody.   twoppy enables free online and mobile tools for event visitors, organizers, performers and sponsors. By utilizing twoppy's event organizational skills your team and your potential viewing public will always be up to date on event information and even be able to interact with each other and stay informed. They can find out practical information about the event including the venue information, how to get there, how to purchase tickets and the price as well as any other information about the event you wish to present. You can choose to upload your own event map(s) or even use Google maps. Then you can add locations to the map and make it totally  interactive with the program items. twoppy will help you create a full program for the event with it's design tools including pictures and create pages for performers as well as your precious sponsors, which will make them very happy. Then just add a final touch on the dashboard and you are ready to publish your event app and promote the link with a QR code and spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Oh and one final touch that twoppy will give you. By using the analysis tool you can see how often your app is visited, how long the visit lasted and how many pages are viewed. And you are able to see what specific items are viewed most and what shows or performers are rated best.

ConclusionConsidering twoppy is a free app this is a little gem for the hardworking but underpaid entrepreneur. There really is everything you need here to cement your event together as well as providing valuable promotion. Your visitors will be happy because they will know exactly what's going on and how to get there, your team and performers will be happy because they will be well and truly in the loop and, most important of all, your sponsors will be happy because your event is well organized, they get a bit of a pat on the back and maybe even a return on their investment.


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