Goodbye autocorrect - hello intuitive faster writing

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: PredictiveTyper

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If you write on your iPhone or iPad pretty well every day as I do you will learn to both love and loathe its autocorrect abilities. Regular users, I'm sure, will understand exactly what I mean. But whereas the autocorrect facility corrects words after they have been written, PredictiveTyper is a far more user friendly tool as it learns from your writing style and predicts the way you write in real time. The app can be used to create as well as edit  documents as well as enabling you to send text and email from your iDevice faster and more accurately than ever before.   PredictiveTyper is a predictive text app that will help you write faster and without errors. As opposed to your iOS autocorrect, which corrects words after they have been written,  PredictiveTyper uses real-time language modeling techniques to offer you a list of words you are most likely to write in each given context. This way, it reduces the number of keystrokes needed to write the text and, as a consequence,  prevents spelling errors. You can also use the app as a simple text editor to create and edit documents as well as for sending texts or e-mails from your iPhone or iPad - faster than ever - depending on your typing skills, of course.  Right now, the app is currently supporting languages in English, German and Croatian with others being added soon. PredictiveTyper's most interesting trait is that it learns from your texts. If a specific word, such as a personal name or a technical term, is not included in the app,  it will learn this word from your text. However,  it certainly doesn't stop there. PredictiveTyper™ will learn each word selection you make and offers  you more accurate word suggestions with each use. PredictiveTyper is especially valuable if you are writing in a language other than your own because it suggests the most suitable words for a given context and prevents spelling errors.   Predictive Typer is the next step up from the autocorrect when it comes to writing. As its name suggests, the app actually learns from your previous writings and intuitively suggests the right word at the right time, based on stuff you've written before. It literally redicts what you are going to write next. This makes writing much smoother and reduces spelling mistakes - meaning you can write faster and more economically. By all means, be happy with your iOS autocorrect facilities if you wish, but serious writers will jump on this app straight away. As the Spinal Tap guys famously said years ago - Predictive Typer is an 11, and that's one better than the rest.


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