A community to help your crowdfunding campaign that fits nicely between concept and Kickstarter

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Ventrifuge

We all love creative types, don't we? Their minds work in such a way that they can pluck an idea out of the sky and change our lives a little bit with their innovative gadgets and inventions. Many of these people are paid well and have teams to collaborate and expand their original concept. There are, however a growing band of budding entrepreneurs - who are getting younger and younger, I might add - that don't have the vast resources to develop this great lightbulb moment that they want to develop. Where do they find other like-minded individuals with the skills to assist you in taking your concept to the next level? Kickstarter, you say? Well, not quite. That fine organization works a lot better and gets a much better response when the concept is a little better refined and there are already a few people on board pulling together. Ventrifuge is a brilliant app that sits somewhere between the idea process and Kickstarter. It is a team building tool surrounded by a community of business people, inventors, engineers and designers who are looking to collaborate on a project in exchange for a slice of equity and to take your idea to the next level.   How can ordinary people with extraordinary ideas build full end-to-end campaigns on a zero budget? Lets say that you have a great idea for a crowdfunding campaign that you are pretty sure will work if you can find the right people to help you. You are probably on a limited or no budget and you might not know anyone who can build that prototype or design that program for you. You've probably got the vision in your head and know you could sell it but you just need some expertise or skill from someone who could expand your idea in exchange for a little equity. Ventrifuge was created to balance the missing part in the crowd funding equation - finding reliable and trustworthy collaborators. It could be an engineer to build the prototype or someone skilled in sales and video presentations to help you promote it. It's been proven that most new start-ups work better when there are a team of individuals working together - by sharing the workload as well as the financially burden. Ventrifuge is the "pre-Kickstarter" that, literally, puts your project idea on the map via a 'lightbulb.'  Click on one of these 'lightbulbs' and a project video modal will come up as well as the links to your profile and the project page. Your location is randomized and shown as between 2-3 miles of your actual location for obvious security reasons, connecting you with the right people in your neighborhood without having your true address compromised. To become an originator on Ventrifuge you must create a youtube video that includes information on who you are and what you bring to the table and some sort of concept overview of the project. You'll also need to talk about whom you might need to partner up with for the campaign. Create your project on Ventrifuge and offer equity to your potential partners and you'll be featured on the map for free. When offers come in, you can fuse your venture together by selecting your cofounders and creating your crowdfunding partnership. What’s more, the app will help you out with the legwork and will promote your project on its channels.   There are companies around like CoFounderSlab that aim to match up potential business collaborators but they tend to use things like speed matchmaking events to put people together. Ventifuge opens up the horizons by providing a wealth of experienced and skilled - not to mention creative - individuals who are happy to extend their services for a slice of the equatorial pie. It's a vital link in the chain for the inexperienced and first time entrepreneur who could do with having someone around to help their original concept come to fruition. It's easy to use and simple to navigate but you do have to put together a YouTube video to help 'sell' your idea and communicate your needs. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be a Spielberg production - you just have to get your concept across. When you are up and ready to go, you can take it to Kickstarter if you like, and see how it flies in the big world of business.


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