Help Sam draw a line to his girlfriend in this fun game

Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Sliding Sam

Sliding Sam is a fun and rather unique game that has become huge in Europe and evokes the same kind of gameplay that saw the Super Mario franchise explode into megastardom a few years ago. But, rather than having to deal with a short fat man with a mustache, Sliding Sam is a much more user-friendly character. Our hero Sam is a very cute penguin (and everyone loves penguins, don't they?) and his quest here is to join his distant girlfriend. The big difference here though is that your aim is to get him closer to her by drawing lines with your finger on your iOS that Sam can slide down while avoiding obstacles. When he finds her he gets a kiss.   Sliding Sam is a beautifully designed and fun game for older kids and younger adults that has proved to be a massive hit in it's native Belgium and is about to try to take over the rest of the world. This adorable and original puzzle-platform game takes the better aspects of a games like Line Rider, Tiny Wings and Cut The Rope to create complex pathways for Sam to slide down to get near his beau. He wants to join his girlfriend but he is far away from her but luckily you can help him by using your finger to draw the lines on which Sam will slide to reach her. Use your agility and the physics of the game to avoid the obstacles, take the boosts and get a kiss as a reward!   This is a beautifully designed free game that manages to combine skill and tactical prowess to provide a game that looks like it could well take off. If you like puzzle games and like the interactivity of a line drawing game then Sliding Sam will tempt you with its innovative yet simple gameplay. One thing is for sure, Sam is a penguin that is as cute as a button and kids of all ages will love him and his quest to get close to his girlfriend. It's a little addictive and not quite as easy as it first looks - the mark of a successful game, in my view.

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