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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Pistashio

Pistashio is like having a notebook at your fingertips when you don't have a pencil. This bookmarking share tool is a fast and efficient way of saving all those things that you want to remember. Whether it's the website of that South Of The Border truckstop in South Carolina that you HAVE to visit or maybe the name of that band that you just read an article about. Then you can share them with your friends.   You can use Pistashio to store and save all those important things you find online that you usually just bookmark and forget all about. It's a web and mobile tool that not only captures but also reminds you later all the interesting things you want to store  whether its restaurants, music, videos, books or even articles you read online. Maybe a friend will tip you off to a great place to eat with the best chili crab in town. Use the Pistashio Chrome Extension or Browser Bookmarklet to quickly save content from your favorite websites in seconds. Then, if you like, you can share recommendations of things you like from and with your actual friends. It can also act as your own personal diary of keeping track of all the things you love. Just star and stash all the things that you really love and share them with your friends. Adding to your stash is easy. Simply enter the name of an item or a, followed by a quick descriptive note detailing why you’re stashing it. Set a time to be reminded and decide whether to share it with your social circles.

ConclusionI don't know about you but there seems to be more things to find on the net these days than ever before and less time to really investigate them. I have plenty of notes lying around the place with scribbled web sites to visit and my bookmark list is just ridiculous. Its almost too hard to attempt to categorize them all. If you have a similar scenario (and we all do) then Pistashio is well worth investigating. You can organize your stash into five flexible categories and come back to em whenever you like. Simple and easy and free.


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