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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: DisaPainted

DisaPainted is a free drawing and design share tool for the young and old. Whether you are just popping your child in front of it for some drawing fun or you just feel like letting out some creative juices yourself DisaPainted gives you the freedom to unleash your inner Picasso by creating, sharing and even by watching others. is fresh website for creating, sharing, watching hand-drawn frame-by-frame animations using modern HTML5 techniques for the fastest and the most fun way to draw. It's many drawing tools include online brushes, airbrushes, colorpickers and zoom plus all the functions of a normal online drawing tool. The one thing this animation frame does give you which many others don't is the function for showing previous frames in a  transparent background to enable you to create your masterpieces. DisaPainted is programmed purely in JavaScript so there is no Flash to have to worry about - meaning it's iPad friendly. Then you can save and share your works of art with others. For saving animations DisaPainted  uses PHP, MySQL and Ajax. Published animations are able to be watched by any visitor who can then choose how to sort them into one of various lists. “Totally Most Liked” are animations sorted by the amount of Facebook 'likes' and synchronized with the MySQL database. “The Month’s Best” are the most liked animations in a selected month. “The Animations of the Day” is fairly self explanatory. Ditto for “Recent Animations” which are sorted by publish date. then there the “Random Animations” section and even a “More from ” section which features more pieces from animators you like.  

ConclusionDisaPainted is a fun and absorbing animating tool for all ages. The littlies will have lots of fun creating pretty one off pictures while the more arty amongst us will unleash their inner Disney by putting together great yet simple animations. All you need to do is sign up for free and begin to release your creativity and have lots of fun. Then it's just a question of drawing and commenting on your animations before sharing them on Facebook, Twitter or email.


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