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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: Case Interview Database

Having access to the question paper before sitting an exam would obviously give you a considerable advantage but few of us have ever had that luxury. It strikes me as slightly comical therefore that a group of business school students have got together to develop a site that aims to give you the answers to questions that might arise when you’re being interviewed for a management consultant post.

I am of course writing with my tongue very firmly in my cheek. I guess we’ve all been primed for an academic exam by being given a prior year’s test paper and in essence this is more or less the idea behind this site. It does do a lot more than that however.

This is a very informative site for anyone looking to get into management consultancy and why on earth would anybody not want to get into that? With business owners seemingly happy to pay up to five times as much to a consultant as they would to an employee for the same knowledge it presents a golden opportunity. Pre-warned is pre-armed of course and this site should give you a taste of some of the issues, questions and solutions that have been tackled before by some of the top consultancy firms.

You can search cases by category or consultancy and the range of business situations is very broad. Set out for you will be the issues and other points to consider. To have a look at the answers in most cases you’ll have to log in and join however it is free at the moment with any donations purely at your discretion or you can become a paid member for an annual fee.

There are so many features on this one and access to a huge amount of resource that it needs to be seen to be appreciated. Whether you just want a steer on likely situations, have a look at a mock interview or actually get in touch with a consultant you’ll be able to do it here.


This represents a very comprehensive source of knowledge for wannabe management consultants with something for everyone.  


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