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Posted on : Wed, 16 Sep App: theKillingJar

A killing jar is a device used by entomologists to kill captured bugs quickly and with minimum damage. TheKillingJar like to think of themselves as the software equivalent. This bug tracking tool is a simple, web based application that's quick to set up, easy to understand, cost effective and painless to use. Just what you need in a bug tracking system.

TheKillingJar was created because we have all had to suffer through our share of questionable issue tracking systems and there had to be a better solution.Typical issue trackers could generally be grouped into a few buckets ranging in home grown issues from rickety Access databases, spreadsheets stored on a shared drive to simple handwritten notes. Then there are the free issue trackers like Mantis and Bugzilla but one drawback of these systems is that they have to be downloaded, setup and installed which does tend to waste time which could be better spent building something rather than setting up and managing an issue tracker. However, the main problem is that they tend to be bloated, complicated systems which tend to baffle non-technical users. Bloated with features you never use and filled with jargon that makes no sense to anyone without a computer science degree. And somehow I don't think computer scientists are the sort of people that are the main client base of the bug tracker.

There are heaps of bug tracker apps  out there if you are happy to pay for them. Many are expensive because they are filled with features that you will rarely or never use. TheKillingJar only has one operation to carry out and that is what it does. Quietly, efficiently, quickly and powerfully. At just US$15 per month it's the most cost effective way of making sure you are safe and secure and bug free. Unlike many bug tracking apps it's ridiculously easy to use with no installation required. Oh, i didnt tell you, If you have just the one project TheKillingjar is free. Pass the Mortein.

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